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The LAUNCHPAD Program is an exclusive intervention-based program for women entrepreneurs in the D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) segment within the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) and FMCD (Fast-Moving Consumer Durables) categories.

Key Program Details

The program focuses on several key aspects to help startups and businesses owned by women, grow their revenues and succeed in their respective markets.

Brand Building

The program places a strong emphasis on brand building. This likely involves helping women entrepreneurs establish and strengthen their brand identity to stand out in the highly competitive FMCG and FMCD sectors. Effective branding can help attract customers and build trust.

Access to Markets

One of the primary challenges faced by many startups is gaining access to markets. The LAUNCHPAD Program provides women entrepreneurs with the necessary tools, strategies, and resources to enter and thrive in these markets.

Access to Network

Building a strong professional network can be instrumental for business success. The program offers opportunities for women entrepreneurs to connect with industry leaders, mentors, & other entrepreneurs. Networking opens doors to collaborations, partnerships, and  insights.

Identify New Avenues

This aspect of the program helps women entrepreneurs identify new opportunities for generating revenue. This will involve exploring different distribution channels, expanding product lines, or tapping into emerging trends in the FMCG and FMCD sectors.

Market Readiness

Many women entrepreneurs may not be fully prepared or “market-ready” to compete effectively. It likely includes training, mentoring, and capacity-building components to address this issue and ensure that participants are well-equipped to succeed in their industries.

Who can apply for this program?


The program is open to women entrepreneurs who hold at least a 51% stake in the company.
Product Category: Startups operating in the following product categories are eligible to apply


(Fast Moving Consumer Goods)


(Fast Moving Consumer Durables)


Sustainable Lifestyle Products

Application Process

Submit your application for the program by completing the attached form. We will contact you for a conversation to understand more about your startup.

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1. What is the duration of the program?

The program typically lasts between 3 to 6 months.
It is designed as an intervention-based program, focusing on providing targeted support and resources to participants within this timeframe.

2. Is there a fee or cost associated with participating in the program?

Yes, there is a program fee associated with participating in the program.
The exact fee structure will be communicated to applicants upon acceptance into the program.

3. What intervention support will be provided during the program?

Brand Building, Access to Market, Access to Network, Mentorship, Marketing etc

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