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Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Leadership is not merely a title; it represents a dedication to continuous development. I specialize in nurturing exceptional leaders by offering personalized coaching and custom-tailored development programs. With my guidance, executives harness their vision, resilience, and unwavering determination to lead their organizations to unparalleled success.

My executive coaching services are tailored for leaders, senior managers, and executives committed to their personal and professional growth.

Organizations with executives leading and managing delivery centers / offshoring operations / shared services / professional services can particularly benefit from my extensive knowledge and expertise in these areas.

Services that organizations can leverage me for

Measurable Results-Based Coaching

  • Helping the Coachee gain self-awareness and understanding of their current state
  • Set and define clear goals for personal and professional development
  • Identify actionable steps to achieve their goals
  • Regular progress reviews with mutually agreed cadence
  • Accountability partnership to keep them on track
  • Evaluation of progress based on stakeholder inputs

Team Acceleration (Facilitator)

  • Customized team development and coaching sessions on soft skills, professional competencies, and leadership development
  • Integration into a broader team development and coaching strategy
  • Customized sessions tailored to your organization’s specific needs
  • Facilitation of sessions based on the book “How to Get into Your Goldilocks Zone

Developmental Journey Support

  • Moving from management roles to leadership roles
  • Advancing to the next level in their career
  • Transitioning to a new role
  • Assisting introverts and other specific audiences in overcoming challenges related to visibility, eminence building, networking, and growth
  • Developing strong relationships (for task-oriented individuals)
  • Enhancing productivity and effectiveness (for people-centric individuals)
  • Crafting their unique value proposition
  • Effective communication with senior leaders

Art-Based Programs

Art based sessions for individual employees

  • Unique art-infused coaching sessions utilizing painting as a medium for self-expression and personal development
  • Suitable for individuals regardless of their painting expertise
  • Followed by one-on-one discussions.

Customized art based workshops

  • Such as “Paint Your Passion,” “Express How You Feel,” “Reflecting on Your Past,” “Present and Future Balance,” “Your Purpose,” and more
  • Focus on topics like affirmative messages, stress reduction, and gratitude

Speaking Engagements

  • Speak / session on How to Get into Your Goldilocks Zone (book authored by me which delves into the process of self-discovery and the pursuit of one’s most authentic self)
  • Customized topics tailored to the organization’s needs
  • Engaging with audiences to explore their full potential and satisfaction in life
  • Speaking on various custom topics to inspire and motivate audiences

Strategic Leadership Consulting

  • Aid organizations in achieving sustained growth and fostering effective leadership.
  • To define and execute long-term vision and objectives
  • Provide guidance on leadership development to foster effective leadership
  • Collaborate with leadership teams to enhance decision-making and innovation
  • Facilitate workshops on strategic thinking, change management, and leadership excellence


Key Benefits...

Improved Leadership Effectiveness

  • Improvement in leadership decision-making capabilities.
  • Enhancement in communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Increase in leadership effectiveness scores.
  • Measure: Conduct regular leadership effectiveness assessments or 360-degree feedback surveys to measure improvements in leadership competencies.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

  • Boost in team productivity due to better leadership.
  • Reduction in time wasted on conflicts and misunderstandings.
  • Improvement in resource allocation and workflow management.
  • Track key metrics: related to productivity, such as project completion rates, meeting deadlines, and reduced operational costs.

Stronger Organizational Growth

  • Increase in revenue and profitability.
  • Growth in market share and expansion opportunities.
  • Enhancement in achieving organizational goals.
  • Metrics: Financial – revenue growth, profit margins, and market share; Goal Achievement.

Better Adaptability and Innovation

  • Improvement in adaptability to changing business landscapes.
  • Increase in innovation and creative problem-solving.
  • Rise in successful implementation of strategic initiatives.
  • Measure the number of innovative ideas generated and implemented post-coaching; Change Readiness Assessments.

Enhanced Talent Retention

  • Reduction in employee turnover rates.
  • Higher employee satisfaction & commitment.
  • Increase in the retention of high-potential talent.
  • Measure: Employee Turnover Rates; Employee Satisfaction Surveys.

Positive Reputation and Brand Impact

  • Improvement in employer brand perception.
  • Increase in attracting top talent.
  • Growth in customer and partner trust and satisfaction.
  • Measure: Employer Brand Surveys; Customer and Partner Feedback.

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Organizational problem-solving, individualized coaching for personal and professional growth,  the fusion of art for deeper coaching insights, and serving as a creative catalyst.



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